My Name is Michael Carey, and I’m a chocolatier in Chicago. Growing up, I was always in the kitchen, helping mom make recipes. I finally moved to Seattle to get my culinary degree while cooking at Tulio’s, one the best Italian restaurants in the city.

While in Seattle, I found out that I had celiac disease, or wheat gluten allergy, which made me think of food in a whole new way. I started using alternative flours and experimenting with different ways to make foods crunchy and crispy without wheat. Nothing really turned out the way I wanted, until I started playing with chocolate in culinary school. Chocolate became a great medium for me to produce a crunchy texture without losing any quality.

I love high-quality chocolate candy, and I thought there was a lack of crunchy chocolates in the market. Parks Chocolate is my outlet to make high-quality rich and crunchy chocolates, without the wheat or flavorings that are often added to chocolates today.

Parks Chocolate is dedicated to producing great-tasting chocolate made of the finest ingredients. We offer a variety of packages suitable for any occasion, and also customize orders for events and weddings.

Please contact us with any questions, and thanks again for visiting!